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Bay Area Women In Film and Media (BAWIFM) is redesigning its mission and programs to better meet the urgent needs of community members who are working at the intersection of Gender and Media to achieve equity, awareness, and representation. This new initiative plans to accomplish this via filmmaker support for underrepresented storytellers, first and second time directors as well as exhibition opportunities and advocacy for inclusion and equity in film and media industries.

We are in a historical era of sweeping change and overwhelming regression in our society. Our hope is to find a way to ensure this is a watershed moment for people of diverse backgrounds to form a more equitable future.

In this context, we ask you to take a few minutes to fill out this survey so we can consider your perspective and professional needs as we roll out our new initiative in coming months. Please do share this survey link with any individual who could provide valuable feedback as we forge ahead. All people are welcome to participate, regardless of gender identification.

Thank you so much for your contribution! Stay tuned for more news about our new programs!

Warm Regards,
Soumyaa Behrens
Nicole Opper
Tamara Perkins
Scarlett Shepard
Natalie Teter
Amanda Todd


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